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Benefits of Dropt


Increase fan engagement at sporting events by creating additional touch points in your fan’s journey.

Reach the next generation by activating youth fields in your market with your team’s content.

Real data that supports the sponsors ROI (duration of engagement, impressions, redemption, traffic).

A new and engaging channel for your team to generate revenue.

How to gamify your event, stadium, or city?


Using augmented reality to gamify your space could seem overwhelming. We are here to make it simple, fun, and exciting.

We’d love to start brainstorming with you on how best to bring AR gamification to your fans.


We placed 5 athletes that are a part of the She Breaks Barriers campaign around the field for the campers to collect. Campers were able to learn about the athletes, engage in the She Breaks Barriers campaign, and receive a reward for completing the campaign.

Piedmont Park

We placed 3 facts around Piedmont Park. Each fact was located at a key point around the park. If someone collected all 3 facts then they received a $5 REI gift card.


We dropt 5 fun items on Thanksgiving for people to collect. Each dropt had an interactive social piece. For example, we asked people to take a screenshot of themselves catching this football in AR.

Mythical Battles

Everyone loves a fun themed night at a stadium. So, we decided to have a little fun of our own and create Mythical Battle dropt. Mythical creatures went head to head to see who was the champion.

Engage the next generation of fan.