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Geo-location, Geo-location, Geo-location.

The most important thing to know about Dropt is that it is a geo-location based game. As one of the founders of Dropt, if I am having issues with the app, the first thing I double check is if I have my location services on, 98% of the time this is the culprit. Make sure you give Dropt permission to use your geo-location, without this permission, Dropt has limited functionality.

I downloaded Dropt and can’t see any Dropts on the What’s Droppin Screen.

Dropt needs your geo-location to be able to show you all the cool stuff in your location, so double check that you have given Dropt access to your geolocation. Don’t worry, we don’t track your every movement. If you still can’t see any dropts, double check your cell reception. If your reception is struggling it can take a little bit longer for the “What’s Droppin” screen to populate. If there is a strong wifi around you, you might try connecting to that. The geo-location technology in our phones can be tricky and won’t update unless we are moving. Try moving your phone back and forth between your hands or walking around a bit, that should kick-start the geolocation technology in your phone.

I can’t drag the dropt to my wallet.

We’ve heard your feedback and are working on an update to redesign this portion of the app. In the meantime, make sure you are trying to drag the red and white parachute and not the pop-up box. If you are trying to drag the parachute and it isn’t working, simply move out of the AR view by either going to the the What’s Droppin screen or the Wallet screen, then go back to the AR view and you should be able to collect the dropt.

I collected a dropt or completed a campaign but can’t find my reward.

If you have ninja like collecting skills you may have to give the app a few seconds to catch up to you. Rewards are stored in the top portion of the wallet. If you have given it a second and still don’t see a reward, make sure you have completed the campaign. To verify you completed the campaign, you should see a gold star on appropriate badge. If you don’t see a gold star, there may be additional dropts you have to find to collect your reward. Click on the badge and double check your progress.

I tried to collect a dropt but I got a pop-up telling me I couldn’t collect the item.

The most common reason for this is the dropt you are trying to collect is no longer available. The quickest way to tell if a dropt has expired is if it has turned translucent. Translucent dropts will disappear in a few minutes and are intended to be helpful, letting you know the dropt just expired.

I tried to collect a dropt but it has become translucent and I can’t collect it.

This can happen for a few reasons. The most common reason is the dropt you are trying to collect is no longer available. It could also mean the campaign you were trying to complete has expired and the dropt’s for that particular campaign are no longer available. In rare cases, it can be due to poor cell reception. If this is the case, maybe you can borrow your friends hotspot or a local wifi connection if available.

Redeem screen says my reward will disappear from my wallet once I redeem. Is this true?

It depends on the reward. When you click on the reward, if the reward says ‘ONE TIME USE ONLY’ then it is one time use only. Otherwise, the reward can be redeemed multiple times until you have used all of its value.

My redeem button isn’t blue. It’s grey.

If the redeem button is blue then that means you are in a location where you can redeem the the reward. If the button is grey, then you are out of range from the correct redemption location. You can click on the grey redeem button and it will give you directions to the correct location. If you are in the correct location but the button is still grey, completely close the app and reopen it, that redemption button should turn blue.

I completed a campaign and the star on my badge has not appeared yet.

Wow, it seems that your collection reflexes rival those of a Jedi Knight. You might just give our servers a chance to catch up with your impressive use of the force. The star should appear momentarily. If it still doesn’t appear, one solution is to to close the app and reopen it.

I redeemed all the value on a gift card, but it is still in my wallet. How do I get rid of it?

If you have used all the value on a gift card (or any other reward), and you are ready to get rid of it – click on the reward – then click on the red button that says ‘Discard’. You will be asked again if you are sure you want to discard at which time you again click ‘Discard’. The item will disappear from your wallet.

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